Advice and assistance

At the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre student advice service is provided in two languages, Estonian and English. The Foreign Student Adviser provides assistance to full time international Bachelor and Masters degree students on practical questions (how to get or prolong a residence permit, how to open a bank account in Estonia etc.) as well as academic advice concerning the study programme in the curriculum Music.

The International Relations Specialist provides informations on the ERASMUS+ programme as well as practical advice for all ERASMUS exchange students. For all information and advice concerning the Nordplus programme please contact the International Relations Coordinator.

For academic advice and help, students can also turn to the Study Programme Registrars or the Head of the Registry and Student Affairs Department.

Contact the Registry and Student Affairs Department in the following cases:

  • you have academic arrears
  • you need help in drawing up or changing your study plan
  • you need help in taking academic leave
  • you feel that your rights have been violated
  • you are not happy with your learning conditions or the organisation of studies

If a student has academic arrears and has not demonstrated sufficient initiative to clear his or her study arrears the staff at the Registry and Student Affairs Department have the right to contact the student to find a mutually agreed solution,

General information:
Head of the Registry and Student Affairs Department
Jane Kreek, room A205, tel 6675 711, e-post:

Information concerning academic departments:

Lilian Rajavee-Salundo (KL, KP, PP, LA, KA), room A201, tel 6675 708, e-mail:
Katrin Puur (KD, JM, PM, MP, IP, KK), room A203, tel 6675 712, e-mail:
Leelo Kadarpik (MT, KO), tel 6675 713, room A203, e-mail:
Margit Võsa (Doctoral study, admissions, ERASMUS study plans), room A201, tel 6675 709, e-mail:
Liina Jääts (CPPM),  e-mail:

Adviser of Foreign Student (full time Bachelor and Masters degree students):
Marina Birova, room B206, tel 6675722, e-mail:

International Relatons Specialist:
Mari Köhler, room A218, tel 6675760, e-mail:

Psychological counseling: HERE

Career advice: HERE NB! There will be no career guidance from September 2019 to February 2020. The advisor is on parental leave. You can schedule an appointment for a spring semester in February 2020 by emailing