Governance of the Academy

The Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre is an organisation made up of academic, support and administrative units whose functions, rights and obligations are regulated by the EAMT Statutes and other documents. The structure of EAMT is approved by the EAMT Council.

EAMT is managed by the Council, the Rector, and the Rector`s Office, consisting of the Rector, two Vice Rectors and the Managing Director. As an advising body, the Board of Governors is responsible for the relations of EAMT with the public. Discussions in four permanent committees precede the final decisions made by the EAMT Council.

The principal units of EAMT`s academic structure are departments, institutes and centres (generally called academic departments).

EAMT`s administrative structure is made up of accounting, maintenance and technical services, instrument repair service, piano repairs and tuning service, musical instrument collection, as well as IT service.

The EAMT`s support structure includes the Registry and Student Affairs Department, International and Public Relations Department, Library, Concert and Performance Centre and Continuing Education Centre. EAMT has also a representative office in Tartu that coordinates EAMT activities in the southern part of Estonia.

At least 20 % of Council and Study Committee members come from the Student Union. Students are involved in making all decisions in these bodies. The Student Union has its own Statute regulating the election of their representatives. The Rector’s Office and Student Union meet once a semester to discuss relevant student and study related topics at EAMT.