Preperatory cources

Admission requirements for Preparatory Course

If you are not ready to study on bachelor level, but you are motivated to become a professional musician, you may apply to Preparatory Course.

If your main subject is classical music performance (any instrument music instrument or voice), you are asked to perform, from memory, a program of 10-15 min, consisting of at least two different works.

If your main subject is composition, electro-acoustic composition or audiovisual composition, you are required to submit at least 2 compositions of your own (with sheet music and a recording in case of score-based composition, and with a recording in case of electro-acoustic and audiovisual composition).

Generally we do not require advance notice of your audition programme. You should do that only if you need an accompanist from EAMT for your audition.

The examination panel can give you additional assignments to determine your skills and abilities. For instance, depending on your main subject, you may be asked to play some scales or arpeggios, to undertake a short sight-reading exercise, to improvise or create a short composition on a given theme, etc. During an interview, the examination panel can test a candidate's knowledge in a narrower field of specialisation, as well as his or her general cultural knowledge. The examination panel verifies whether your English language skills are sufficient to start your studies in the Preparatory Course.

A Preparatory Course takes 1 or 2 years to complete, after which you can apply to Bachelor studies.

The Preparatory Course does not give you a formal status of a university student.