Music and technology combined at LoLa training and concert in EAMT


Music and technology combined at LoLa training and concert in EAMT

On 18-21 July 2018 took place at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (EAMT) a 4-day workshop with the aim to test how can research and education networks connect musicians in different countries so they can rehearse and perform together. This event was globally first of its kind. 

Hands-on training gave national research and education networks (NRENs) from Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries practical experience in setting up network connectivity combined with LoLa (low latency audiovisual streaming system).

The Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (EAMT) provided training leadership and technical support, based on the rich LoLa experience that was gained through the 2017 ‘Music Without Borders’ concert organised by EaPConnect and subsequent other events.

Around 20 network and sound specialists and musicians from four EaP and three partner EU countries met at EAMT to exchange practical experience and theoretical knowledge, to interact and share best practices in a very dynamic environment. Split into two teams, they simulated being in different countries by setting up network and LoLa connections from two rooms. During this creative technical process they also discussed potential future collaborations to support music master classes and lectures.

Each day of training was followed by a rehearsal, with the week culminating in a real LoLa use case – ‘Remote Transitions’, a concert with a live connection between Tallinn and two locations in Italy.

Well-known musicians from Georgia and Germany – Reso Kiknadze and Vladi Bystrov – played saxophones in Tallinn together with musicians in Trieste and a dancer in San Giorgio-Venice, showcasing to an audience in San Giorgio-Venice how seamless a connection the networks and LoLa provide.

The Tallinn activities were hosted and facilitated by EAMT. The Italian activities were coordinated with Conservatorio di Musica “G. Tartini” di Trieste as part of an Italian music festival. The Tallinn events were organised by the EaPConnect project in cooperation with the Italian NREN GARR.

Photos and video from the training workshop and the ‘Remote Transitions’ concert are available online. (YouTube streaming of the performance in San Giorgio-Venice starts at approximately 50 minutes.)


First 5G concert in the world at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre


First 5G concert in the world at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre

On 1st of October 2018 took place the first ever 5G concert, that was organized with the help of 5G network and LoLa streaming technology simultaneously in two locations: at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre in Tallinn and at Seto Culture Museum in Setomaa (with the distance of 300 km). The concert was held as part of the International Music Day programme.

The concert was organized in collaboration with the telecommunication company Elisa. Due to the 5G network of Elisa and the Academies Low Latency Audio Visual Streaming System LoLa, it was possible to arrange the concert simultaneously in two locations in Estonia. The concert on 1st of October was also a demonstration of the 5G network of Elisa.

In 2017, the Head of IT at the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Innar Järva achieved the first prize at the 5G ideas competition, that was held by Elisa, business ideas competition Ajujaht and technology news portal Geenius. Due to the competition, the Academy became the first university in Estonia, which hosts its own 5G-support station of Elisa on its premises. The station was also used for organizing the collaborative concert on 1st of October.

LoLa technology enables musicians, who are located up to 5000 km apart from each other, to play together in real time. The collaboration of LoLa technology and 5G network creates the first mobile solution, that has fast enough speed and minimal latency to enable playing music in real time via audio visual streaming without the need for broadband connection.

The performers of the concert on 1st of October in Tallinn were pianist Mihkel Poll, guitarist Jaak Sooäär and percussionist Tanel Ruben, who played together with musicians, who were located 300km away in Setomaa: cellist Henry-David Varema and singer Laura Põldvere.

LoLa technology is the project of Giuseppe Tartini Conservatory in Italy and the Italian Consortium of the Science and Education Network GARR. The Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre received the LoLa hardware with the support of the Estonian Education and Research Network of Information Technology Foundation for Education from the European Union projectGÉANT-EaPConnect.

European Union Youth Orchestra audition

Üldine @en

European Union Youth Orchestra audition


All applicants for the 2019 Orchestra must be aged between 16 and 26 inclusive on 31 December 2018 and hold passports from one of the 28 European Union member countries. Precise rules and regulations are available here.


The auditions will take place in two rounds:

  • Monday, 5.11 pre-auditions for strings at 11.00 at the Organ hall (A-404) and for the wind, brass and percussion at 14.30 in the Chamber hall (C-405).
    NB! At the pre-auditions you'll be asked to play the orchestral extracts only and it is meant for preparing the applicants to better perform the orchestral extracts under the  guidance of Arvo Leibur and Peeter Sarapuu. The excerpts should be prepared, but not expected to be performed flawlessly.
  • Friday, 16.11 final audition at 10.00 in the Organ hall (A-404).

Candidates will be asked to play a prepared piece of their own choosing (eg a movement from a concerto, sonata etc) and a selection of orchestral extracts.
NB! Percussionists will be asked to play a selection of prepared orchestral extracts only (no piece).

NBB! If the piece of your own choosing involves piano accompaniment, you are obliged to bring your accompanist. With no accompanist you will not allowed to audition.

All the candidates are requested to fill in the application and send it by Friday, 2 November latest to

Questions and additional info:
Kai Kiiv
6675 721


The European Union Youth Orchestra, founded in 1976, is by now one of the world's pre-eminent symphony orchestras that has worked with many of the world’s greatest musicians including Daniel Barenboim, Leonard Bernstein, Herbert von Karajan, Mstislav Rostropovich and particularly its three Music Directors and current Chief Conductor: Founding Music Director Claudio Abbado, former Music Director Vladimir Ashkenazy, former Music Director and current Conductor Laureate Bernard Haitink, and Chief Conductor Vasily Petrenko.The spring and summer tours 2019 will take place in the EUYO residencies in Ferrara, Grafenegg and Bolzano followed by concert tours to Austria, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, UK and Oman. More precise info is available here.

The building of the hall complex of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theater reached its full planned height


The building of the hall complex of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theater reached its full planned height

Today the topping out rite took place in the hall complex, the construction of which will be finished next autumn by the 100th anniversary of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theater. The building has now reached its full planned height of 23.6 meters and thus the important stage of the construction works was successfully completed.

Today in the afternoon, in the presence of the Minister of Education and Science Mailis Reps and the Minister of Culture Indrek Saar, the rector of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theater Professor Ivari Ilja officially removed the garland from the roof of the new top-class building of the hall complex. Traditionally, the person who orders the building must remove the garland from the roof and organize for food and drinks for the builders to ensure good luck for the future building. Otherwise, the builders first replace the garland with an old broomstick, and then with worn work pants – as the result, the building will quickly collapse. To avoid this, yesterday a traditional topping out rite was organized for the builders.

The Minister of Education and Science Mailis Reps noted that the topping out rite is a step towards EAMT celebrating its centenary in the new building with a concert hall featuring excellent acoustics and modern technologies, blackbox rooms and classrooms. “I wish the entire family of the academy just a little more patience, and also to practice a lot to be able to fill the new hall with wonderful sounds and unforgettable performances,” Reps said.

We should always remember that the most unique thing that we can offer the world is our culture. We ourselves go to concerts and the theater more often with every passing year. Construction of this new learning environment is thus natural and necessary. In addition, the organizers of cultural events will receive a complex with modern facilities, where it will be possible to present the most innovative achievements for which we simply did not have a suitable place before. In a word, this is a worthy gift for the anniversary of our culture state,” the Minister of Culture Indrek Saar said.

According to the rector of the EAMT Professor Ivari Ilja, the purpose of today’s topping out rite is to express gratitude to the builders and to establish warm relationships with the spirit of the house. “There are plenty of reasons to thank the builders, since the work is well ahead of schedule. Everything indicates that by the anniversary of EAMT in September 2019 we will be able to open the long-awaited hall complex, which, along with a place for study work, will often serve as a venue for concerts and performances,” said Professor Ilja.

The central part of the complex with the total area of ​​6,100 square meters will be occupied by a concert hall with 480 seats built over four floors and ideally suited primarily for the performance of classical music, but also works of other styles. The blackbox for 130 spectators will be built over three floors – it will be used by students of theatrical art and jazz musicians. The five-story building with a ground floor will also accommodate 21 classrooms, including a multimedia studio and a jazz classroom. All floors of the hall complex will be connected to the main Academy building located nearby.

The Administrative Director of EAMT Ott Maaten noted that today an important intermediate stage of the construction of the hall complex has been successfully completed. “The main construction elements of the building are essentially ready. The facade is almost finished, and the doors and windows are installed. Interior finishing works may commence,” explained Maaten.

The EAMT hall complex is designed by AS Resand. The architects of the building are Toivo Tammik and Mart Rõuk from Ansambel bureau. The interior architecture of the halls is designed by Aivar Oja from FraDisain OÜ. The acoustic project is prepared by Linda Madalik in collaboration with the Danish acoustic bureau Gade&Mortensen Akustik. The building is built by Nordlin Ehitus AS, the owner’s supervision carried out by Tallinna Linnaehituse AS. The construction of the complex is financed by Eesti Kultuurkapital, the Regional Development Fund of the European Union and EAMT.

Estonian National Contest for University Students awaits participants


Estonian National Contest for University Students awaits participants

The Estonian Research Council invites students to submit research papers to the national contest. We are waiting for the works until 17 September 2018. Submission of research papers is now officially open on the website of the Estonian Research Council

The aim of the national contest for university students is to promote research among university students, stimulate them to be more active and to acknowledge students who have achieved outstanding results with their thesis, study, research or scientific publication.

“Research contests are a good incentive for students or fresh alumni and an opportunity for testing themselves. The history of students' research competitions goes far enough. Recalling the names of the authors of the pre-war competition, it turns out that many of them became known scientists, academics, doctors or social figures. This generalization also applies to current competitions. We will certainly hear about the progress of the authors of the current entries, " said Andres Koppel, the chairman of the board of the Estonian Research Council.

The contest is open for all students studying in Estonia (including foreign students studying in Estonia) and Estonian citizens studying abroad. Research papers can be submitted on all university levels: applied higher education and bachelor’s studies; master’s studies; doctoral studies and in all fields of research:

In addition to national awards, special prizes of the President of the Estonian Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Social Affairs are issued.
The prize pool of the competition is EUR 70 877.79 and the prize sums are as follows:
1. Research papers of applied higher education and undergraduate students (I prize of EUR 960, II prize of EUR 650, III prize of EUR 320);
2. Master's degree students' research papers (1st prize 1600 EUR, II prize 1300 EUR, III prize 700 EUR);
3. Doctorate students' research papers (1st prize 1600 EUR, II prize 1300 EUR, III prize 700 EUR);
4. two major prizes 3600 euros;
5. Special prizes of the President of the Estonian Academy of Sciences, totaling EUR 5497.79
6. Special prizes from the Ministry of Social Affairs, totaling EUR 3400.

The Estonian Research Council is organizing the contest for student research in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Research for the 27th time this year.

Additional information:
Sirli Taniloo
Contest Coordinator
Estonian Research Council
phone: + 372 731 7347, +372 526 0562

Opening ceremony for the 2018/2019 academic year


Opening ceremony for the 2018/2019 academic year

Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre begins the academic year of 2018/2019 on August 27.

Chamber hall, 10.00 – Annual staff meeting

Chamber hall, 12.00 – Academic year opening ceremony for students

Ordering photos of EAMT graduation ceremony


Ordering photos of EAMT graduation ceremony

Ordering photos of EAMT graduation ceremony

Photos you can find here

To order the images, you have to find the file name (for this you should click the i at the top of the image, the filename is immediately above it, in the style "20180621-003.JPG") and send it Eiko Lainjärv, on which the invoice  will be sent to the designee.

Prices for photos:

10x15cm photo for 1.20 €

15x23cm photo 2.40 €

A4 4.80 €.

Digital photo: (small, for example digital photo for social media) 2.40 €,

Digital fail: (printable) 9.60 €, as an exception, you can not order a large group photo as a large, printable digital photo.

EAMT opening times during summer holiday


EAMT opening times during summer holiday

Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre opening times during summer holiday (25.06 - 20.08) are following:

From Monday to Friday 8:00 - 20:00 (without the late night practicing)

Saturday, Sunday 10:00 - 20:00 (without the late night practicing)

Have a nice summer!