Cultural management (master studies) entrance examination requirements:


Successful candidates do not need to have previous qualifications in culture or the arts, but must have at least a Bachelor's degree and a specific interest or practical experience in a cultural field. We welcome all candidates with a keen interest or practical experience in cultural entrepreneurship. The tuition fee for the cultural management programme is 2500 € per year. The academy's Rector holds the right to reduce the tuition fee for a limited number of cases. International and local candidates will be assessed based on the same criteria and the results of the entrance essay and interview.

The admission to our program will conclude on June 4th 2018.

Below you can see details of the admission requirements:

1. Application form
2. A document certifying your completion of the previous educational level including a certificate with grades or a diploma supplement (both the original and a copy); 
3. 1 passport photograph (30x40 mm); an ID card or passport with a copy of the personal details page including your personal identification code; 
4. Document certifying change of name, if the applicant has had a name change (both the original and a copy); 
5. CV in English; 
6. An essay in English (3 - 5 A4 pages) on a topic related to the cultural management. The essay should be written in academic style using references with Harvard style. We recommend the usage of academic references, e.g. academic journals, but also other materials are allowed. The essay should demonstrate both the applicant’s motivation, interest and aims for the studying as well as demonstrate his/her skills in academic writing and studying. The committee will also look at the relativeness of the topic.

Since our program stands strongly against the plagiarism*, all the essays will be checked against it. Failure to conform to the expected standards of non-plagiarism will further result in expelling the candidate from the list.

* Plagiarism is defined as submitting as one's own work, irrespective of intent to deceive, that which derives in part or in its entirety from the work of others without due acknowledgement.

Documents are to be submitted to the Admissions Committee. Documents submitted shall not be returned. All applicants must apply through Dream Apply: 

Upon admission, candidates may also initially send copies of their documents electronically to and Originals (or certified copies) can be presented or sent to the Academy later.

Entrance interviews will take place in Tallinn at the end of June. A video-interview via Skype is possible for foreign students. The time for the interview will be scheduled with each candidate individually. The interview will be held in English.

Joint MA programme in Cultural Management

The two-year full-time Master Programme in Cultural Management is a joint initiative with Estonian Business School and Estonian Academy of Arts. The programme is international, interdisciplinary and flexible with an emphasis on management of culture and creative industries. The MA programme is intended for those interested in managing cultural institutions and organizing projects - ideal for anyone with experience in the field or deeper interest in culture. Through active learning methods and lively discussion, the course offers students a chance to engage in cultural discourse, learn about creative industries and cultural entrepreneurship while also providing access to creative networks. The latest curricular development will provide a special module on managing creative projects with a societal impact.

Lectures are delivered in English and international topics are taught by guest lecturers from the UK, USA, Austria, Serbia, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany and Finland. Courses in management and entrepreneurship are offered by Estonian Business School to provide relevant knowledge on effective management, leadership and entrepreneurship. In addition to lecturers and professors from Estonian Business School, the programme also brings the experience of local experts and top-managers in the field. Courses related to arts and design are provided by the Estonian Academy of Arts. Our balanced approach to practical and theoretical aspects treats all the fields of culture equally. As a student of the joint MA in Cultural Management programme you will experience the diversity of cultural life in Tallinn and study in the very heart of the city alongside the creative talents of students in the performing and visual arts. You will also have an opportunity to study or carry out an internship abroad. See international exchange options here.

Graduates from our programme work in the private and/or public sector - embassies, government organisations, universities, theatres, museums, NGOs, foundations (e.g. Kultuurikatel, PÖFF film festival, Jazzkaar festival) and private sector companies. Ninety-five per cent (95%) of our graduates are employed in the field of culture and creative industries; see the gallery of our alumni on our Facebook album!

Organisation of studies

Studies for the next group will commence in September 2018. Classes take place in the centre of Tallinn, and the schedule will be sent to new students by e-mail in July. Studies are organized as a combination of obligatory and elective courses that are delivered either as weekly lectures that run throughout the semester or intensive blocks over 3 to 5 days. This means students can benefit from a flexible programme to balance studies with work and other commitments. The first three semesters have quite full schedules, while apart from a couple of seminars the fourth semester is free for you to work on your MA thesis.
 As part of our individual approach to all students, you may be eligible for advanced standing in recognition of previous studies and work (VÕTA programme). International students may also apply for a DORAscholarship. Further information on these programmes will be given to foreign students after admission.

Contact for further information:
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Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre
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