Cultural Management

Head of Studies: Kaari Kiitsak-Prikk, PhD
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Academic Leader: Annukka Jyrämä, PhD
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Coordinator: Kai Kiiv, MA
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The two-year full-time master’s programme in cultural management is a joint initiative with the Estonian Business School. The programme is international, interdisciplinary and flexible, with an emphasis on the management of culture and creative industries.

The MA programme is intended for those interested in managing cultural institutions and organising projects – ideal for anyone with experience in the field or deeper interest in culture.

Using active learning methods and lively discussions, the course offers students a chance to engage in cultural discourse, learn about creative industries and cultural entrepreneurship, and provides access to creative networks. The latest curricula development will provide a special module on managing the artistic projects with societal impact.

Lectures are held in English and international topics are taught by guest lecturers from the UK, USA, Austria, Serbia, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany and Finland. Courses in management and entrepreneurship are offered by the Estonian Business School to provide relevant knowledge on effective management, leadership and entrepreneurship. The programme also offers experience from local experts and top-managers in the field.

Career and alumni
Cultural management alumni are playing important role in the field of the Estonian contemporary culture. By now, the programme has released nearly 70 students out of whom 7 are currently continuing their PhD studies being actively involved in the academic development of the cultural management field on international level. Graduates work in the private and public sector that involves government organisations, universities, theatres, museums, NGOs, foundations and private sector companies. 98% of our graduates are employed in the field of culture and creative industries.

To answer the need of constantly changing cultural field and to expand the impact for outside the academia,  the MA programme is offering training for practitioners from different cultural fields since 2010. The aim of the training is to improve the competencies of practitioners working in cultural organizations and to create the forum for the discussion.

The MA programme is a member of the European Network of Cultural Administration Training Centres (ENCATC) and coordinating the ActinArt network of artistic academies for creative entrepreneurship education (Aarhus Royal Academy of Music, Stockholm University of the Arts, Sibelius Academy, Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, Kaospilot and Danish National School of Performing Arts).

Since 2013, the MA programme is involved in developing a novel understanding on the interaction between art and society and increasing the skills and competences of future cultural managers to foster the valuable interface, as well as in the improvement of the societal impact of Higher Education Institutions within the EU funded projects Managing Arts Projects with Societal Impact (MAPSI) and Higher Education Institutions for Societal Engagement (HEISE). As a result of international cooperation within these projects, the Program offers summer schools and innovative courses in online environment.