Application process

Depending on the host institution, the application needs to be submitted either through the EASY Online Application System, through the online system of the host institution or brought to the EAMT Erasmus coordinator. Before applying the student needs to check from the website of the receiving institution how the incoming applications are accepted.

Applications should be submitted through the EASY Online Application System to the institutions that have joined the EASY system. Please find the list HERENB! The recording and the transcript of records (issued by the Student Affairs Office) are to be uploaded to the EASY system.

Applications submitted through the online system of the receiving institution - the link to the online application system of the receiving institution is available on the institution's website. Please also notify the EAMT Erasmus coordinator of your application (Mari Köhler,

Applications submitted through the EAMT Erasmus coordinator - if the receiving institution requests the documents by email or regular post, the application needs to be sent via the EAMT Erasmus coordinator. Please bring/send the documents and recording to the Erasmus coordinator (Mari Köhler,, office D516).

All applications have to be approved by the study department and also the speciality department (International Office will ask for the confirmation directly).


Additional documents for applying:

Erasmus application 2018-2019 (pdf /doc)

Erasmus learning agreement 2018-2019 (pdf /doc)



Student is responsible for finding himself/herself a traineeship organisation. Host organisations for student traineeships have to fit student's speciality profile (traineeship organisations may be orchestras, studios, agencies, higher education institutions etc.).

You may find a suitable host organization via

Traineeship application (applications are accepted throughout the year, except in July!)

Scholarship can be used for training as part of the studies and within 12 months after graduation. Please note that you have to apply for recent graduate traineeship during your last semester and finalize the mobility papers for recent graduate traineeship before the graduation.

Traineeship agreement (doc)

It is compulsory to have health and accident insurance coverage. The student is responsible for buying it before starting the internship period.


Students accepted by destination schools/internship institutions are paid a monthly grant. The size of the monthly grant is authorised by the decree by the rector of the academy:

ERASMUS program grant maximums 2019–2021